We have developed SEO service packages for our clients in order to meet each and every of their demands. We have a special package called “Assured SEO” and also social media campaign services for those who need direct interaction with customers.


We are offering 3 levels of search engine optimization packages, the main difference residing in the number of keywords targeted for each one of the packages. There is certainly at least one perfectly suited for your business!

As we feel that our clients must be treated in an unique way as they own unique businesses; no website is the same with another one in terms of Google positioning, keywords and content.

SEO Pays Off

What everyone must understand is that proper SEO really pays off in future; doing a safe investment in SEO services as we offer will be the chance of the service itself paying for its costs. Otherwise said, the increased traffic and conversion rate your company's website will feature will produce an income high enough to cover the SEO services expenses.

  • While some websites already have a considerable SEO presence that requires a less expensive package to obtain a higher ranking, some website must be taken from the ground and optimized, as there hasn't been done anything for them in terms of SEO presence. This is how we got to the conclusion that, depending on our customers' website current state and expectations about the future, we will have to develop different strategy package that will fit right away.

    Plan 1

    Looking forward to become the most sought after local business among all in the local market, basic SEO is the apt package to make a mark through search engines.

    The package ensures a rise in the ranking within 3-12 months cementing a strong traffic generated using white hat techniques. It is an appropriate choice

    • uplifts the presence in the local market
    • induces localized searches
    • no lock in contracts

    Plan 2

    Investing in this SEO package would help build a strong hold in the ever increasing competitive local market. Choosing this package would fetch newer clients on the local block and help make an effect in medium or lower competition citywide campaigns.

    The SEO package comprises of latest white hat techniques for SEO work that promotes a stronger traffic and a rise in the business ranking consequently.

    • Promotes the leads, generates traffic and sales online
    • Sparks off the presence online
    • No lock in contracts
    • Pay as you go

    Plan 3

    This SEO package helps in the growth of business in a highly competitive environment. It is an apt package to boost the online visibility in nationwide campaigns whether medium or highly competitive.

    The package includes white hat techniques that help generate traffic and significant growth for the business.

    • Citywide or nationwide growth
    • Give a boost to your Sales, leads and traffic nationwide
    • No Lock in Contracts
    • Pay as you go

    Plan 4

    This package gives a significant lift to the businesses to grow online in a competitive environment.

    The plan comes with an advantage of providing the maximum capacity of hours for technical SEO resulting in a notable growth in citywide and nationwide campaigns.

    • Give an edge to your local and nationwide presence
    • Generation of online traffic
    • No lock in contracts


    The charges will depend upon keyword, content and the number of pages to be optimized. The price for for one page optimization starts from $250.00. It is a one off charge.

  • We also have a special search engine optimization package code named “Assured SEO”. This custom assembled package has been created in order to ensure our clients first page ranking, but without guaranteeing for any other benefits. In other words, we can please the ones that only wish for their website to be on the first page in Google search results.

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  • We did not forget about social media and its impact on the overall exposure levels of a website. We are also developing social media marketing campaigns for our client's websites; you can benefit from social media exposure and direct contact with your current or future customers for affordable prices planned according to your specific needs.

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