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  • Speed To Market

    The fastest and easiest way to get visitors to your site
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    Pay when a potential customer clicks on your advertisement.
  • Local to Global Exposure

    Target new geographic or demographic markets

Pay Per Click Melbourne

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-Click is an online advertising model that has the primary use of getting direct traffic to a targeted website. Advertising companies are paying the publisher of the ads (usually the owner of the website) every time an ad is clicked. On the side of advertisers, they are usually bidding for selected keywords or keyword phrases which, of course, are relevant to their targeted market. Websites will show ads on different parts of their layout, under the form of banners and squares.

There are a few different types of companies that handle Pay-per-Click services, the top ones being Google, Facebook and Bing. We are handling policies and develop PPC campaigns as a part of our SEO services in Melbourne, allowing our customers to fully benefit from their advantage, getting the highest number of possible targeted traffic onto their websites.

Google is considered to be the top Online advertising company in the world, so it is also one of the best PPC service vendors. At your demand, we are ready to start a PPC campaign using Google Adsense as service vendor.

Coming hard from behind, the continuously growing online social media platform, Facebook, is offering its own PPC system. Advertising on facebook is a bit different than Google. We will build a facebook page for your company, then connect it with people, then place ads for targeted audience on facebook.

Bing advertising PPC campaign can also be done by expanding the area of interest .We can get the most out of it within a budget, thus directing more traffic to your website, increasing chances of conversion.

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