We will plan the best package for your website needs, but it can always be adapted according to your needs or demands. We are trying to develop a great customer experience through our SEO company, so thus your opinion matters the most.


How our SEO Works

First Meeting

As soon as the client fills up the form on our website, we will set up a meeting in order to understand our client's business plans and the business itself. According to these terms and other related ones, we will be able to develop the SEO.

Pre Analysis

Once the meeting is set up, you will receive a free minor analysis report regarding the current health state of the website. The analysis report will feature elements regarding current position of the website in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), main competitors and major faults that are currently lowering the potential of the website.

Free Quote

Once you fully understand our analysis' report, you will be presented with a free quote that will include one of our service packages, along with any other additions that may be required in order to fully optimize your business' website.

Full Plan

Once you are satisfied with the price and choose to sign up with us, we will present you the full plan of optimization for your website, and start working on it. We will execute each and every step as mentioned, until your website will reach the target.


SEO is all about continuity; you can't hope to grow your website to a certain point and then keep it there without doing any maintenance jobs; this is why we are offering the possibility for our client to benefit from services of maintaining the rank of the website

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